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Towers of the Hungry Ghosts is a contemporary suspense set in an abandoned castle in Romania. Mythical Dacian wolves, hungry ghosts and Dracula’s ruined fortress next door are what Paula finds at her inherited fortress. Yet greater dangers await.

Book 2: Paths Unknown Series

Towers of the Hungry Ghosts

Seven years after her ex-lover disappears Paula inherits the vast fortune and ruined Romanian castle of the famous painter.

Moving into a medieval castle would blow anyone’s mind, but reclusive Paula doesn’t want her mind changed let alone blown. Her reluctance quickly dissolves when ominous happenings on her new island convince her Goran is still alive and trying to make contact.

Despite the castle’s dark past as an insane asylum, she digs in to transform the dank space into a gallery of his most precious murals. Whether it’s criminals, ghosts, or a vengeful mad artist at work, Paula’s friends fear she won’t survive long enough to find out.

Sutra of the Pearl

Sutra of the Pearl is a Women's Fiction/Adventure set in India and Buddhist monasteries of the Himalayas.

Book 1: Paths Unknown Series

Wrongly accused of terrorism, the only way this adventurer can be freed is to not only work within the corruption she despises but to forfeit the hunt for a priceless scroll.

In India, on the cusp of fame, the young travel writer is pulled into a plot which blurs the line between good and evil and makes her question her own part in a childhood murder cover-up.

Her boyfriend’s powerful but corrupt Indian family can spring her from jail and smuggle her out of the country, but with a history as dark and violent as her own, she must first turn her back on hard-won liberal ideals. Even worse, it could destroy any chance of finding the precious scroll.

The story includes the first fictionalized account of the incredible 1887 discovery of a Buddhist manuscript which places Jesus in India during his youth.

What readers are saying

Lee Kaiser is a strong writer who skillfully handles dialogue and action. This is an intriguing read with a solid framework...Julie's emotions and motives are thoroughly fleshed out, making her a defining character plagued by anger and resentment.
Booklife Prize
Publishers Weekly
Intoxicating. This was a great read. Romance, adventure and intrique. Yet also spiritual and calming. Flits between India, Canada and Sweden. A tale of family and consequences.
Goodreads Reviewer
Lee Kaiser's complete dedication to accurately depicting PTSD and how violent abuse can continue to rob otherwise beautiful moments until the day we die, is gorgeous in how profoundly raw it is.
Jamie Michele
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