Towers of the Hungry Ghosts

A contemporary suspense set in an abandoned castle in Romania with mythical Dacian wolves, hungry ghosts and Dracula’s ruined fortress.
Book Two in the Paths Unknown series.

Seven years after her ex-lover disappears Paula inherits the vast fortune and ruined Romanian castle of the famous painter.

Moving into a medieval castle would blow anyone’s mind, but reclusive Paula doesn’t want her mind changed let alone blown. Her reluctance quickly dissolves when ominous happenings on her new island convince her Goran is still alive and trying to make contact.

Despite the castle’s dark past as an insane asylum, she digs in to transform the dank space into a gallery of his most precious murals. Whether it’s criminals, ghosts, or a vengeful mad artist at work, Paula’s friends fear she won’t survive long enough to find out.

What readers are saying

"The ending blew me away. I have never read a book that is so original and fun to read. The story has more twists and turns to keep you caught up. Mind blowing."
N.N. Light's Book Heaven
"I did not believe Lee Kaiser could do better than "Sutra". I was wrong. What a story full of tension drama love sorrow mystery and perfect research again."
Ludmila Husek
"There are many moving parts to this story but it all threads together, keeps you in suspense and trying to figure out what is happening. I loved the originality, the many characters, and the plot. Great read!
Robin Blanksguster

Lee Kaiser

Lee Kaiser, a Canadian writer of women’s fiction intrigue, sets her novels in locations around the world such as India, Nepal, and Europe. Her first novel, Sutra of the Pearl takes place in India. The second, Towers of the Hungry Ghosts, takes place in a castle in Romania. A former journalist she now writes full-time and is based between Canada, Mexico, and Greece.

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