Tripping Down Memory Lane

Why do I have my retro travel photos of the 70s, 80s, and 90s on my author site? Because the passion to set my novels in exotic locations came from those years of non-stop travel and readers will definitely draw a connection between some of the photos and scenes I’ve written.  The pix here are not professional but portray what I truly saw and felt because travel changed me and made me obsessively curious in the same way the internet is changing people today. Except, I want my readers to not only see and hear those places but to smell, touch, taste, and feel them just as I did. I’m living in Mexico as I write this and was in Greece last winter. The trek never ends. 

The Journeys drop down menu above features shoestring adventure photos of  Burma, China, India, Russia and others.

Lee Kaiser, June 2022


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