Himalayas panorama bus stop

      A fellow writer with a novel also set in Ladakh, India as is my Sutra of the Pearl, recently asked me to give her some photos and info of my time in Tibet in the 80s. It occurred to me I should do the same for my own blog even though everything […]

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NN Book Heaven promo keeps on giving with this fabulous instagram and twitter graphic. The facade is exactly how I envision the citadel with two towers at the side. However, the citadel in my novel is round as in medieval times and is two stories only. The mood here is spot on for the novel.

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Release Day for my latest novel published by The Wild Rose Press! Set in a medieval Romanian castle, it is the second in my Paths Unknown series of intrepid female adventurers. Timid Paula from Book 1 goes to claim the castle and paintings she inherits from her dead boyfriend Goran. Or is he dead? Weird

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Sutra of the Pearl cover

It was time to give my debut India novel a makeover and reveal the new cover for Sutra of the Pearl. The scroll motif more accurately depicts the adventure. Although it’s a fiction, the subplot about my character searching for the Notovitch scroll is based on a real-life manuscript found in the 19th century when

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