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As I sit and wait for the green light on my printer to blink on I wonder, “What kind of screwed up thinking has brought me back here?” Why am I wasting my time and Inkjet refill printing out the first five pages of my new novel and the two sentences that are supposed to […]

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Hemingway once said, “The first draft is always shit.” He included his own in that. A lot of authors announce with great joy that their novel is now finished. That usually means the first draft of …well, if you’ve got a publishing deal then there will be about nine more edits before it goes to

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Himalayas panorama bus stop

      A fellow writer with a novel also set in Ladakh, India as is my Sutra of the Pearl, recently asked me to give her some photos and info of my time in Tibet in the 80s. It occurred to me I should do the same for my own blog even though everything

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NN Book Heaven promo keeps on giving with this fabulous instagram and twitter graphic. The facade is exactly how I envision the citadel with two towers at the side. However, the citadel in my novel is round as in medieval times and is two stories only. The mood here is spot on for the novel.

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Over the moon with these early reviews giving my novel the thumbs up. This one in particular from an on-line “influencer.” Book Blurb: Mythical Dacian wolves, hungry ghosts and Dracula’s ruined fortress next door is hardly a winning formula for a piece of real estate. Inheriting a castle, especially a former insane asylum, would blow

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It’s been soooo long since I posted any photos from Greece where I’ll be until June. Right now I’m in Naplio about two hours from Athens. There’s just so many medieval structures here from its time as a Venetian fortress city before the Ottoman Turks invaded. When we think of Greece we think Athens, but

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Release Day for my latest novel published by The Wild Rose Press! Set in a medieval Romanian castle, it is the second in my Paths Unknown series of intrepid female adventurers. Timid Paula from Book 1 goes to claim the castle and paintings she inherits from her dead boyfriend Goran. Or is he dead? Weird

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On my way to Greece again for the next five months. I was here last winter too but this time going to stay longer and stay in Crete most of the time until June. It’s a great place to write a novel as one can sit outside all year. So obviously the video is not

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Do not know how this post will work but trying to bring a podcast of me talking about my book in from facebook. That mysterious “they” say it should work by embedding it.  Fingers crossed. My interview is one of the last at the bottom. Hooray, it worked. Click on the graphic and it will

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Sutra of the Pearl cover

It was time to give my debut India novel a makeover and reveal the new cover for Sutra of the Pearl. The scroll motif more accurately depicts the adventure. Although it’s a fiction, the subplot about my character searching for the Notovitch scroll is based on a real-life manuscript found in the 19th century when

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new release novel

What could be more exciting? Ready to reveal my new book cover! It’s been a long time indeed since my last post. Way before I headed down here to Mexico for the summer. I’m in the mountains not at the beach so the weather is stunning. Spend my days at Espanol classes and writing of

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the fight festival of Japan

Since my last post I’ve broken out of the Covid blues and spent the winter at a small Greek coastal village. While there I put the finishing touches to my next novel tentatively titled Towers of the Hungry Ghosts, a mystery set in Romania. That’s my true story for the long delay in sending out

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Burma and Thailand

Featured Photos: Russia Featured Photos: Burma This is a repost of my earlier Burma and Siberia photos with the direct page links. Many people found the post but failed to click on the actual photos in the photo menu on the top banner so I will include the page link within the post from now

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Featured Photos: Russia My latest retro adventure photos of Siberia from the 1980s are available on my traveller site. These photos aren’t as exotic as the others set in Asia but are of interest. I went there about five years before the USSR collapsed and the Berlin Wall came down. I was living in Japan

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burma feature

More adventure photos from a bygone era. This is #Burma (now called #Myanmar ) in the 1980s when an authoritarian government only allowed 10 days travel visa. I remember that distinctly because I overstayed and had to bribe an airport official to board the plane. The country was very much cut off from media and

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Himalayas panorama bus stop

Click on my final set of #Tibet photos of a bygone era taken during my shoestring adventures in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. This was Tibet when travellers could go anywhere, buy a donkey and head into remote Xinjiang. Before the Chinese set up their concentration camps and their genocide of the Uighur population began

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Welcome to the debut of Lee Kaiser Author & Traveller #Leekaiserauthor https://leekaiserauthor.com Featured Photos: Tibet Here, I share my #retro#traveller photos of shoestring adventures from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. These are some of the most remote and untouristed areas of the world. Or they once were. Click the link to the photos of Tibet

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