Do not know how this post will work but trying to bring a podcast of me talking about my book in from facebook. That mysterious “they” say it should work by embedding it.  Fingers crossed. My interview is one of the last at the bottom.

Hooray, it worked. Click on the graphic and it will take you to my facebook and from there you click on the podcaster Lauca which takes you to her podcast. Scroll to my interview.

If you’re wondering why I am so excited about this embedding thing it’s because as I start my travelling again in Feb, 2023 to Greece I’m going to take videos which I will upload to Facebook. Not just plain old travel stuff, but sites I’ve used in my books…the ruins of Dracula’s castle in Romania, maybe one of Romania’s guesthouses, Malta, the torture chambers of the Inquisition, and when I go back to India the sites there that figure in book number one. There are many photos here on this site but now that it is so easy to upload video we don’t have to go old school anymore. Stay tuned.

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