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What could be more exciting? Ready to reveal my new book cover! It’s been a long time indeed since my last post. Way before I headed down here to Mexico for the summer. I’m in the mountains not at the beach so the weather is stunning. Spend my days at Espanol classes and writing of course. No upload of retro photos this time as I’ve been busy getting my next novel Towers of the Hungry Ghosts edited. No release date yet from Wild Rose Press but … the cover is ready and it’s a beaut. Dark and mysterious. I love it! I’m still months away from publication but the link here to a page on my website will take you to the Books section. But wait, if you want my author newsletter which is ready to launch in July don’t leave the page quite yet. Go to the bottom, bypass my free book, and sign up. A newsletter is all-important for authors to keep in touch with readers and for me to let you know about limited-time free books from other authors. I’ll be vetting each one for quality and genre and you can easily unsubscribe at any time. Why pay for a book when you can have one just as good for free?  #wildrosepress #newrelease #newbooks #Guanajuato #freebooks #leekaiserauthor


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  1. Oh my God Lee
    I just finished the Towers….. I’m speachless. I did not believe you could do better than Sutra. I was wrong. What a story full of tension drama love sorrow mystery and perfect research again. Both stories will stay with me till the end of my life I know. It touched my heart and consumes my thinking. I cried a lot. Of course for the story, but also for myself and memories of my family suffering under communists and Soviets in Czechoslovakia. I love your social feeling. Your awesome ta!ent. Genius plots and knowledge of the places you put your heroes in. I don’t know if Ram is next in your series , but whatever you spoon I will impatiently wait for.
    Your books are best I ever read. They have everything and they are real.
    The book covers are perfect!!!!!
    Thank you for these wonderful gifts you share with us
    Life Husek

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