Burma and Thailand

Featured Photos: Russia

Featured Photos: Burma

This is a repost of my earlier Burma and Siberia photos with the direct page links. Many people found the post but failed to click on the actual photos in the photo menu on the top banner so I will include the page link within the post from now on. There’s a few new photos of Thailand relating to the sex trade there which might interest some. My next photos are Japan in the 80s. While Japan doesn’t qualify as a remote location, it was fairly untouristed in those days especially in the countryside where I lived when I first arrived. Subscribe at the end of the photo page to be notified.

4 thoughts on “Repost of Thailand and Siberia Photos”

  1. How long did it take by boat?
    The buildings are quite beautiful. I marvel at how deserted the streets seem to be.
    Were you ever stopped by the army to show id?

    1. The Japanese ferry took overnight and then the train two days. This was quite a few years ago before the Soviet system dissolved. Probably more vehicles now but people couldn’t afford food let alone a vehicle.

    2. We couldn’t stop in Vladivostock at all on the coast because of the navy fleet there but everywhere else I was free to go wherever I wanted in the time frame, which was the way they controlled visitors. The train stops were planned ahead.

    3. From what I remember I didn’t have any overnight stops planned except when I got to Irkutsk. So I suppose someone would notice if I missed my train boarding. It was all planned out ahead by USSR at hotels of their choosing. I slept on the train.

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