Featured Photos: Russia

My latest retro adventure photos of Siberia from the 1980s are available on my traveller site. These photos aren’t as exotic as the others set in Asia but are of interest. I went there about five years before the USSR collapsed and the Berlin Wall came down. I was living in Japan at the time and took an overnight ferry to Siberia then boarded the Trans-Siberian train to Irkutsk and Lake Baikal famous as the largest fresh-water lake in the world. Took about three days to get there. It was winter so didn’t hang out too long. Flew back to Japan and that was an adventure too. Yikes. Very beat up plane. Not that there is much to see during winter except the beautiful buildings. Siberia was a grim place indeed during that time with food shortages. Some of my photos are black and white which makes it seem even more grey. I suppose I went in winter simply because I could. Unfortunately very few Russians spoke English but I remember it was fun to interact with the other train tourists. Yes, there were some. Next month will be Japan in the 80s. I lived there well over five years so subscribe to be notified when those are posted. Bye for now.

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