Himalayas panorama bus stop

Click on my final set of #Tibet photos of a bygone era taken during my shoestring adventures in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. This was Tibet when travellers could go anywhere, buy a donkey and head into remote Xinjiang. Before the Chinese set up their concentration camps and their genocide of the Uighur population began in earnest. Considering road washouts, just getting in and out of Tibet was an adventure in itself back then. The only way to visit Tibet now is to fly in with an overpriced Chinese tour. Talking to Tibetans, the people who live there, is strictly forbidden. Join me for a trip down memory lane and sign up to follow me for more photos of other adventures in coming months.

Photos: Tibet 1987 Part 2

The old and new of Tibet transport.
Past and present intersect.

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