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photo porters carry truck cargo on their backs after a landslide stops traffic
Porters replace transport trucks during landslides
Featured Photos: Tibet
typical unpaved tibet street with horse and women in traditional dress
Typical Tibet street in 1987 which more than likely is paved today in 2020.
Here, I share my #retro#traveller photos of shoestring adventures from the 70s, 80s, and 90s. These are some of the most remote and untouristed areas of the world. Or they once were. Click the link to the photos of Tibet Part 1 in 1987. Back then one could travel freely, talk to the locals in Burma, Kashmir, and Tibet without fear of being watched or even arrested. The way travel should be. Not so now. All three of these are now under totalitarian rule. Conversely, Sri Lanka and Vietnam have their doors open. These are unedited photos of what I saw and how I felt. Enjoy the rest of my site which has more photos of #India and #Srilanka and an excerpt from my adventure novel #Sutraofthepearl (Sutra of the Pearl) set in India. And come back each month for more retro traveller photos of shoestring adventures.
Featured Photos: Tibet
Tibet Monastery destroyed during Chinese cultural revolution
Another destroyed section of Ganden Monastery and the few remaining monks.

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